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Big Red Bulletin
HK Cornell Alumni Mentorship Drinks on Jul 28, 3-5pm
Alice Chan Hotel’01, is expecting her first child
Bobby Tsai ‘83 and Mark Hansen ‘79 are the newly elected Cornell Alumni Leaders for Asia
William Lim Arch '81 M/ Arch '82 Designed the Lee Kum Kee Lantern Wonderland in Victoria Park
Quinton Lu Hotel '99 was recently married
Natalie Hung Hotel '01 and Stuart Kwok A&S '01 gave birth to a baby boy in San Francisco
Paul Mak AG '01 became a dad for a second time to Baby Philip
Will Chan JGSM '05 will be a third time dad in Oct. 2011
Stanley Sun Hotel '00 will be a second time dad in March 2012
Benjamin Li Arts '07 recently got engaged
Dr. Donald Li JP A&S '79 was recently awarded the Hong Kong Silver Bauhinia Star
Stanley Sun (Hotel ’00) has opened “FUJI BEAUTY” a series of luxury beauty products
Yvonne Chu (Eng ’00) founded LEAP STUDIO, an English-based after school education program
Quinton Lu (Hotel ’99) and Leanne Lu (Hotel ’02) were recently engaged
Ashley Chan (Arts ‘02) is seeking job opportunities in operations/internal corporate consulting
Alice Chan (Hotel ’01) launched Kissing Diamonds wedding bands collections at Central Weddings
Alan Yeung (Arts ‘96) became a new father over CNY to a daughter named Elise
Michael Hui (1990) was appointed as standing committee member of All China Youth Federation.
Victor Lam (2003) was appointed as committee member of All China Youth Federation.
Arthur Huang (AAP 2002) was nominated for an Earth Award for his work in environmentally-friendly co
Johnathan Sze and his wife had their first child.
Stanley Sun (Hotel 00, MBA 05) is helping the Community Chest to raise $5 million this December.
Andy Lee (Arts '07) is looking to connect with people regarding education consulting.